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Core Curriculum

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All you need to get started

TEFLOnline.com offers comprehensive teacher-training courses that will prepare you for a teaching job in countries around the world. The courses take between 40 - 120 hours to complete, but can be done at your own pace and on your own time. Depending on how quickly you work, within one to three months you’ll have your internationally recognized online certificate and be ready for an English teaching position overseas.

The TEFLOnline.com core curriculum consists of 12 modules covering ESL/EFL teaching basics, video tutorials, open-book review quizzes, and written assignments for each module. Additional sections include a glossary of terms, a resource library for teachers, and a guide to getting a job overseas. Upon enrollment in TEFLOnline.com, you will be assigned your own personal tutor who will grade your assignments and help guide you through the course.

(an asterisk indicates that the module is included in the 40-hour Basic Certificate)

*1. The Roles of the Teacher and Learner, Approaches and Methods

  • Video Tutorial: Roles of the Effective Teacher

*2. Classroom Management

  • Error Correction
  • Distinguishing Levels of Learners
  • Choosing Textbooks
  • Video Tutorial: Error Correction

3. Language Awareness

  • Language Systems and Skills
  • History of the English Language
  • Spelling of the English Language
  • Video Tutorial: Language Systems: Function

4. Planning Lessons

*5. Productive Skills

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Video Tutorial: Information Gap Activities

*6. Receptive Skills

  • Listening and Reading

*7. Teaching Grammar

  • Video Tutorial: Teaching Grammar from Context

*8. Vocabulary, Meaning, and Context

  • Video Tutorial: Teaching Vocabulary
  • Video Tutorial: Concept Check Questions

9. Pronunciation

  • Phonology of English
  • Phonemic Script
  • Video Tutorial: Teaching Pronunciation - Minimal Pairs

*10. ESL/EFL Audio/Visual Aids

  • Activities & Games
  • Software and the Internet
  • Video Tutorial: Games in the EFL Classroom
  • Video Tutorial: Activities – Mingles and Role Plays

11. Testing for the ESL/EFL Student

12. Culture and the ESL/EFL Classroom

  • Video Tutorial: Cultural Issues in the EFL Classroom
Additional Sections:
  • Professional Development and Employment
  • Video Tutorial: Preparing for an Employment Search
  • Teachers' Resource Center, which includes a glossary of ESL/EFL terms,
    grammar reference, recommended books, and a guide to getting a job overseas.

Comments from Our Graduates


Susan Arnott

As a language teacher with many years’ experience, I found the TEFLOnline.com course an ideal way to retrain to teach English as a foreign language overseas. The modules were well-written and informative, covering all aspects of TESOL, from grammar and the origin of English, to resources and what to expect working overseas. The assignments were challenging and required a thorough grasp of the material presented, plus a good deal of analysis and reflection…I recommend [this course] highly.

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