Meet Julie: CELTA Grad Teaching English in Colombia!

Teaching English in Colombia

Julie is a BridgeTEFL graduate who took the Cambridge CELTA course in Medellin, Colombia in March 2015. After graduation, she started her job search and landed a teaching position in Manizales, Colombia, where her adventure living abroad in South America continues! I asked Julie to share with us about her experience, such as why she chose to […]

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Redefining Retirement: Wes Choc Teaches English in Ecuador

Wes Choc, now a published author, is also a BridgeTEFL graduate who bucked tradition by teaching English abroad in South America after retirement from his first career in business. In this post, excerpted from Wes’ engaging personal blog, he describes his experience as a teacher in Quito, Ecuador. After studying how to teach English as a […]

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Bridge Alumni Spotlight: David Guyott: Teach in Argentina Program

Teach in Argentina

David Guyott has just returned from a year spent teaching English in Argentina! He went there as part of the Teach in Argentina Program, which places recent college graduates into part-time teaching positions in cities and smaller towns throughout the country, where they live with host families and teach within the community. We asked him some […]

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Notes From the Field: Nicole, TEFL Teacher in Rio de Janeiro

TEFL Teacher in Brazil

Although she finished her TEFL certification course with Bridge a while ago, she (like many visitors to Brazil) couldn’t bring herself to leave the country, so she’s currently working as a TEFL instructor in the city. Meet Nicole, TEFL alumni in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Why did you choose to become TEFL certified in Brazil? The sun, […]

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Bring on Brazil! One Teacher’s Journey from TEFL Certification to the Classroom

TEFL in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a guest post written by Shawn Hansen, who took the IDELT certification course in Rio de Janeiro in April 2014. Once I decided that teaching English was my next step in life and that I wanted to take a TEFL certification course to enhance my credibility with this endeavor, my next decision was […]

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Hand Gestures You Need to Know Before Teaching Abroad in Argentina

You’ve heard it from us before; learning the language is an important part of of your teach abroad experience. But, what about those non-verbal cues? The nods, the winks, the finger flicks. Those are just as important to understanding not only the conversation, but the culture too! If you decide to take the IDELT in […]

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Don’t Leave Me Behind: Things You’ll Miss When Teaching in South America

Things you will miss in South America.

Teaching in South America opens up some of the best opportunities that a recent college grad, retiree or career changer can ask for. You’ll surely experience and try new things on a daily basis. That being said, there are certainly a handful of items I didn’t think I’d miss before I headed south. I’ve conspired […]

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Mandy Chavez – Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

Where did you teach English? I was first introduced to teaching/tutoring English in my final semester of college. I tutored Spanish-speaking students preparing for their GED. I worked with students several times a week working on perfecting grammar and writing skills. That experience led me to then volunteer in an after school program for underprivileged […]

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