How to Prepare for Teaching English Abroad: Get the most out of your TEFL certification course!

Prepare to teach abroad.

Teaching English abroad is an exciting adventure, and it’s tempting to jump right in! But wait–  we’ve got some advice on what to do each step of the way, from TEFL certification to getting your first job, to make the transition abroad smooth and hassle-free. Before teaching abroad, we recommend you do the following: Research the […]

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Teacher Spotlight: Katie Murray Teaching English in South Korea

TEFL teacher in South Korea

  With high salaries and great benefits, plus a rich culture and proximity to some of the hottest travel destinations in the world (Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.), South Korea is a major TEFL hot spot. If you’re curious what it’s like to teach there, then read our recent interview with Katie Murray, a 2013 […]

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The Eternal Question: Online or Onsite TEFL Certification?

Online or onsite TEFL course

  Here at BridgeTEFL one of the questions that we receive daily from students is whether to take an online or onsite certification course. The answer isn’t an easy one either; it depends on many factors such as where exactly you want to teach abroad, your current personal situation and other aspects. While we can give you all […]

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Interview with Caitlin, Online English Teacher

Online English teaching is a rapidly growing field that has appeal for both new teachers looking to gain experience and more seasoned teachers who want the flexibility of working from home. Caitlin, a BridgeTEFL graduate, falls into the latter category, having started her online teaching career while she was already working as an English teacher […]

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Carl Summers, Teacher in South Korea

Carl, 26, is a graduate from Montreal, Canada, who taught in Jeongeup, South Korea. Before teaching abroad he graduated with a Philosophy degree and was trying to make it in the music scene before switching careers. We asked him some questions about his experience in this popular Asian teaching destination.  How did you pick South Korea as […]

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Where to Teach in Vietnam? Popular Cities for TEFL

Are you thinking about teaching English in Vietnam? This stunning Asian location has plenty to offer teachers, such as a strong TEFL market, competitive salaries, beautiful landscapes, and a variety of teaching cities, each with its own unique appeal. Participants in our Teach in Vietnam program, which includes TEFL certification and job placement, are placed mainly in the following four […]

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Can You Teach Abroad as a Non-Native English Speaker? Hear from Teachers Doing Just That!

With only about 10 percent of the population speaking in English in Chile, it is a good market for teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). Aside from teachers from major English-speaking countries like the US and UK, non-native English speaking teachers from other countries come here as well, seeking employment at one of the […]

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